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Fibermax Corporation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 28, 2002.

Formerly, fiberglass-reinforced products were manufactured by Pasig Polyfiber Industries, Inc. a company owned and operated by Bienvenido G. Garcia, who is concurrently the President/General Manager of Fibermax Corporation. He is in the fiberglass business for over 40 years, here and abroad, specializing in the fabrication of various FRP Products such as Tanks, Pipes, Ducts, etc. Pasig Polyfiber Industries, Inc. transferred all its transactions to Fibermax Corporation and ceased its operation last December 2002.

Fibermax Corporation has two factories with a total lot area of 1,000 m2 located in Joyous Heights Subdivision, Antipolo City. It houses around 20 regular workers and around 20 subcontractors.

Organizational Structure

President & General Manager
Finance & Administrative Manager/Corporate Secretary
Production Manager /

Mr. Bienvenido G. Garcia
Mr. Benzon F. Garcia
Ms. Carmina F. Garcia
Mr. Bryan F. Garcia
Mr. Benedict F. Garcia


Polymer Products Philippines, Inc. and Polymer Technologies Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) are the major suppliers of raw materials needed for production.

Our Works

FRP Cement Lining_1

FRP Cement Lining_2

FRP Cement Lining_2

FRP Panel Tank

FRP Roofing_1

FRP Roofing_2

FRP Roofing_3

FRP Scrubber_1

FRP Scrubber_2

FRP Chemical Resistant Storage Tank

FRP Storage Tank - 100 Ton Cap

FRP Storage Tank_2

FRP Storage Tank_3

Our Products

FRP Box_1

FRP Box_2

FRP Box_3

FRP Box_4

FRP Buoy

FRP Cable Tray_1

FRP Cable Tray_2

FRP Cable Tray_3

FRP Cable Tray_4

FRP Cable Tray_5

FRP Chair

FRP Chemical Resistant Tank

FRP Conical Bottom Tank

FRP Door - 4pcs

FRP Filter Tank

FRP Garbage Chute_1

FRP Garbage Chute_2

FRP Garbage Chute_3

FRP Gas Tank

FRP Grating

FRP Man Hole

FRP Pipes

FRP Pipes (12 Inches Diameter)

FRP Pipes and Elbows_1

FRP Pipes and Elbows_2

FRP Pipes and Fittings

FRP Pressure Tank

FRP Protein Skimmer Tank_1

FRP Protein Skimmer Tank_2

FRP Rescue Boat

FRP Steel Lining

FRP Volume Dumper

Contact Us

South Carolina Street Corner New York Street
Joyous Heights Subdivision, Hinapao,
Antipolo City, Philippines

Telephone Numbers:
+63 (2) 6417276
+63 (2) 4759203
+63 (2) 2151430

Mobile Number:
+63 (917) 8861774

TeleFax Number:
+63 (2) 7465985

Email Address:

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